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Our Summer Classes

All classes are led in English. Teachers also speak Spanish.

The summer 2024 Schedule is lighter. 

The schedule can change. ​
Please always sign up online.

We close bookings 1.5 hours before class begins. Cxl up to 6 hours before class start time. 

Join us on a Retreat

You DESERVE a break, you are worthy of investing in yourself and your self development. This is an experience where you are taken care of from the moment you land. We have carefully curated a schedule that will take you through a progressed routine of cleansing your mind, body & soul to come back home refreshed, renewed and rebalanced. Upon returning home, we promise you will notice this shift, you will be
calmer, less activated and more aligned with your authentic self and the life you want to create.

Try something new. Get outside of your routine.

Honour your worth of living a vibrant life

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