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Yoga on the Beach


Why book a Retreat with us instead of your usual go-to vacation?

Every retreat is dedicated to giving you an individualized experience where you feel safe and supported to release & renew your soul.
If you feel a pull to do more inner work, this is your intuition telling you it's time to experience a retreat. A perfect balance of movement, new experiences, stillness, peace & quiet is what the human body & soul needs to find the answers within. Each time we choose ourselves, we send the vibration of our worthiness throughout our soul giving our life more flow. 

You DESERVE a break, you are worthy of investing in yourself and your self development. This is an experience where you are taken care of from the moment you land. We have carefully curated a schedule that will take you through a progressed routine of cleansing your mind, body & soul to come back home refreshed, renewed and rebalanced. Upon returning home, we promise you will notice this shift, you will be
calmer, less activated and more aligned with your authentic self and the life you want to create.

Try something new. Get outside of your routine.

Honour your worth of living a vibrant life.

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Yoga by the Sea

Quiet your mind & open your heart

Tiffany, Toronto

" Getting pushed a little outside of my comfort zone with Guided Journaling allowed me to become more aware of who I am and who I want to be. I noticed changes within myself when I got home. I was calmer, more centred and paticent with my kids "

Sarah, Australia

Loved, loved love my retreat experience in Mexico with Jenny! She is so organized and keeps things on track while remaining calm and approachable. The beautiful things about reteats is that there is a structure and community aspect to the trip, but you can also take space and have your own time.

Kristi, New York

Having been home for over a week now, close relationships as well as acquaintances have remarked about the “new me”, “my glow”, and how different I am. I really feel like a different person that is able to handle stress with ease.
Yoga on the Beach
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