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One on One Sessions

We are all so unique, and our bodies are even more unique. Classes often won't focus on the muscle groups your body needs. In large classes, the teacher typically cannot give you the individual attention you need and deserve. That's where private sessions are necessary. Whether it be in Hāmama Studio or online via Zoom, your session is a private experience that focuses on your needs. No equipment or some equipment, you're guaranteed to have an efficient and effective session with your coach. 

Invest in yourself and give your body what it needs.

Online One on One Sessions

Online Training Prices are reflected in USD

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Meet your coach
Jenny Tecklenburg

Jenny has been an in-person and online Personal Trainer for over 14 years. From Vancouver, BC, Jenny has obtained various certifications, including Personal Training, Older -Adult, Pre and Post-Natal, Breathwork, and more.  Her goal is to help you feel better and regain your mobility, flexibility, and strength.


She includes many modalities in her training, including Yoga, Functional Strength Training, Physiotherapy, Breathwork, and mindfulness to help you move through life with minimal discomfort.

Her method has been crafted with the understanding that most bodies are out of balance as we navigate our daily lives. We use our right more than our left; we twist more one way than the other. Simple daily movements that we repeat have naturally changed the strength and flexibility of our body. Balanced Bodies Training will help reverse this, encouraging your aches and pains to disappear while gaining confidence in your body's ability again.

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Mike Demens (Online)

I'm 71 and have not done any formal exercise program for my entire life. I contacted Jenny because I wanted help to restore my flexibility. I signed up for 10 sessions and at the end of that commitment, I have noticed that I am more flexible and my balance is better. Jenny's knowledge & encouragement are "The Best". Her ability to make me laugh keeps the session light and fun and something to look forward to each week. She has strong communication skills that enable us to get straight to business on the spots that need the work. I've signed up for another 10 sessions to keep the momentum going. Thanks Jenny!

Lise McBride (Hybrid)

I started private workouts with Jenny in January 2023 while in Playa del Carmen. I continued virtually after my return home to Canada. I do a mix of TRX training, yoga and breath work (which was new to me). Jenny is very flexible on giving me what I need.
I have noticed the physical changes in my body from the training and tailored workouts to support my physiotherapy recovery.
My most recent breath work session was for an emotional release caused by a childhood trauma. It was an amazing experience and certainly effective.
I highly recommend Jenny for her amazing support, encouragement, flexibility and overall care and follow up she takes in ensuring she is helping you with the areas you need help with.

Carrie L (In Person)

I started working out with Jenny a year ago and I haven't been able to stop since! Her passion and enthusiasm encourages me to work hard and push myself, even on those nights when I'd much rather be sitting on a couch eating pizza and watching TV. Her energy and charisma is contagious and I often feel more cheerful and positive after a workout.

Every session is different with Jenny, which helps keep them entertaining (and sweaty)! Aside from working out, she keeps me on track with my nutrition, and I'm often thinking "What Would Jenny Say" when faced with the choice of french fries or salad.

With Jenny's help, I've never felt more strong and capable in the gym! Thanks, Jenny! You rock!

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