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Vancouver Breathwork Journeys


Vancouver Summer '24 Dates

Breathwork Journey's with Jenny are all about connection. Connection with yourself, to others and to your subconscious. It's a profound experience that is unlike any sober experience you have tired. Breathwork is a gateway to clarity and uncovering who you truly are. Come try this experience. 

"Wow. Highly Recommend. So powerful"

" I slept so well after Jenny's Breathwork."

"I was brand new to breathwork. Jenny explained everything and made me feel safe. Highly recommend working with her."

"I loved the body movement she puts into the session. My hips needed that."

"Jenny is a great space holder. I will come again!"

Do this with me


Inhale, 4,3,2,1...hold...exhale all the way... Hold... Repeat. 

Feels good right?  

Experience a profound practice that will open your hips and heart with our Hip & Heart Opening Breathwork service at Hāmama Wellness. Through the power of breathwork, we will help you expand your body's awareness and release tension and stress built up in your hips and chest. Our expert instructors will guide you through a transformative experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Say goodbye to hip tensions and find clarity with our unique breathwork practice. Book your session with us now.

Hosted at the beautiful MANDALA Studio in the heart of Yaletown, join Jenny and an intimate group of 12 students for this experience.


Take 2 hours for yourself.

Yoga Retreat_edited.jpg

Book a Session Online with Jenny

Experience the profound benefits from Breathwork from the comfort of your own home with online breathwork sessions. 

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