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Why you keep falling off the wagon...

Updated: May 4, 2023

Allow me to share some insider information on why so many people fall off the wagon of health and fitness.

Conversation #1 with a new client:

Client: "I am a person who goes all in. I go through cycles in my life. When I get into health & fitness, I really get into it. I will get super obsessed with the gym and eating healthy and I give it my all, that's just my personality so I'm hoping you can hold me accountable and make me obsessed with fitness again."

Trainer: "That's great that you can have been able to stay motivated and got into it. In the past, how long does this cycle typically last?"

Client: "Well it changes, when I was younger I would train hard for 3-6 months and then fall off the cycle and now as I get older the cycles are getting shorter or even non-existent."

Trainer: "Ok, and what happens to push you off the health & fitness cycle"

Client: "Well last time I got a new job with a more demanding schedule. The time before that my favourite gym closed down. The time before that my mom got sick and I had to help out with her house hold duties... to be honest it's never my fault. Something always gets in the way..."

Does this sound familiar at all?

Life is always changing. It's not about controlling movement and nutrition and having it 'set-up'. It's about incorporating it in your every day. That will look always look different. It's about taking responsibility of how you look at your health & fitness in life and what external things your letting control you. You are in more control for YOUR routine than you may think. I invite you to start taking radical responsibility for your reasonings as to WHY you fall off the wagon. You deserve to and have the power to live a healthier life, and get this, you can actually achieve it with minimal time and effort.

NO more ups & downs

NO more 'going all in'

No more blaming external factors

STOP IT, you're better than that.

Creating a consistent health and fitness routine in your life is as simple as this equation:

Self Worth + Deservingness = Healthy Life

Putting yourself first and truly knowing that you deserve to be healthy is the main ingredient to get you on a CONSISTENT path. You deserve to eat nourishing foods. You deserve to be that body that you stare at and say "I wish I could have that persons body".

Honestly. Why don't you deserve to be healthy, fit and sexy? Why? Don't say you don't want to be, because that's a lie. It's not that you don't want to be, it's that deep down somewhere in your conditioning you were taught that you are not supposed to be healthy, fit and happy and you use excuses (conscious or unconscious) to keep you away from it.

Please open mind and allow me to explain something that has taken me 15 years in the industry to truly understand.

The power of our conditioning. The people who surround us imprinted us with their opinions & views. This is one form of conditioning. Let's look at our parent figures or someone else you looked up to in your first 15 years of life. It can even be an actor or character on a show. Did they have a health & fitness routine? Were they on and off diets? Did they make fun of people who were 'gym rats' or people who drank healthy juices? What was the verbiage that was used within your household around health and fitness? This has a HUGE effect on how we move into adulthood with our health and fitness practices.

Let's start to do something about this:

Grab a piece of paper or better yet, your journal. Now let's look at this. When you see a healthy person, what is the inner dialogue that comes? Write that down. The first 3-5 things. Now is there any link between what your inner dialogue is telling you and what verbiage you grew up around? Just observe, don't judge it or give it a power.

I'm prompting this because more times than not clients who come to me, don't see this connection. People who don't put their health and fitness first don't truly feel that they deserve it or are worthy of it. How does that make you feel? Write it down.

The way we treat OURSELVES shows how high (or low) our self worth it. I'm not talking about confidence, I'm referring to how much we value ourself (mind, body and soul).


I want to walk you through one more example that I do experience with new clients, but it is rare. When I come across these clients, I already know they will be successful at achieving their goals. They're goals are internal and lifestyle based.

Conversation #2 with a new client:

Client: "I want to come see you because my muscles are feeling weak and I want to stay strong so I don't get injured as I age and I can keep up with my kids."

Trainer "Ok, and what are you currently doing for your body?"

Client: "I walk daily, I do some stretching and I swim in the ocean. I go to some yoga classes sometimes."

Trainer "How much time do you have to incorporate a strength training program into your life?"

Client "I don't have much free time as I work and I have kids but I move my body everyday and I know how important it is for me to keep my body strong, so please tell me what you suggest"

Trainer: "In order for us to achieve your goals you will need to strength train at least 2/week up to 4/week. Depending on your budget I can work with you in person and/or give you homework for your to complete alone."

Client: "Ok this sounds good. I can afford once per week with you and can you give me homework for the remaining days?"

This client has taken responsibility for her health and fitness. They started calm and steady with consistent walks and some yoga/stretching here and there. They have a full life but they make it a priority to move their body. They value their body and they are actively seeking help to progress into the next stage of her goals. She's not looking for someone to hold her accountable, she is making herself accountable and resourcing tools (being the trainer and the trainers homework).

So how do you go from Client #1 to Client #2? Start with inner work and work outwards.

It's been proven time and time again that consistency (not going hard in cycles) is key when it comes to achieving any sort of body change, whether it be weight loss, muscle building. Staying consistent with a body movement practice requires believing you deserve it, having patience and dedication. It's easy to get discouraged when things get in the way and the results aren't immediate, but when you remain consistent and patient with your efforts of inner and outer work, you WILL see and feel the results that will last a lifetime, so start working on yourself now.

The best goal to set for yourself is to have a daily practice of mind & body work. It doesnt not need to be long or take up a lot of time, but it has to be consistent.

Making changes to your mindset and thought process are critical for achieving long-term success. It is important to understand why these mental changes are necessary in order to build a solid foundation of success. Mental changes allow you to be more self-aware, feel deserving of the healthy changes and increase your ability to focus on the right things. You are deserving to create healthy habits, boost your self-worth and self-motivation. You can set smarter goals, develop better problem-solving skills and think more clearly, so please stop saying you can't. Ultimately, the mental changes you make will help you stay focused on the bigger picture so that you can reach your goals with greater ease.

  • TIP: Use hypnosis, breathwork, meditation and journal writing to help with this mental change.

Jenny offers help with coaching sessions on inner and outer work to help you get back in control of your health and fitness.

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