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When you're trying to loose weight, do this.

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Now before you roll your eyes hear me out; when we breathe long deep breaths we allow our bodies to go into rest & digest. When we breathe short and shallow breaths we place our bodies into fight & flight.

When your body is in fight & flight your cortisol levels shoot up causing your metabolism to slow down meaning it’s next to impossible to loose weight healthily.

If you’re working with a goal to loose weight I recommend implementing these 3 core practices into your daily life. 

1. Drink 3L of water/day 2. Consciously move your body (30 mins/day)  3. Sit still for 3-10 minutes and consciously breathe

What is conscious breathing?

Let’s start with a very simple exercise. Do it with me here.

Inhale through the nose 4,3,2,1 Exhale through the nose 4,3,2,1

Repeat this 10 rounds.

Notice a difference in how you’re feeling?

Breathwork releases endorphins and can replicate to how you may feel post body movement (workout, hike, walk). Because you’re releasing endorphins. By releasing endorphins, the body relaxes, you feel more comfortable and your energy and vitality increases. As you breathe deeply, you increase your energy levels and allow fresh oxygen and nutrients to be distributed to your cells. This helps the brain and organs function at an optimal level. It’s a no brainer if you ask me. Conscious breathing is the next fad that is here to stay!

I’m certain that if you start to add a conscious breath practice to your routine you will notice a sense of flow appear in your life and feel truly less stressed. The less stressed you are, the lower your cortisol levels and the more you will flow into rest & digest which will burn calories at your optimal speed.

My Story with Breathwork

I started to practice conscious breathing 2 years ago and it changed my entire nervous system. I recognized right away the instant relief it gave me from my day to day stress and anxiety. Over time, as I practiced it more often and with different facilitators I continued to reap even more benefits of the regular breathing practice. I have more patience, compassion, and I have more flow and magnetism which attracts positive and aligned things into my life assisting me with my manifestation practice. It truly calmed me right down which is such a beautiful gift. Since implementing breathwork I have also noticed benefits in my body such as:

  1. Better digestion (less bloating)

  2. Increased lung capacity

  3. Circulation (fingers and toes aren’t cold anymore)

  4. Injuries heal way faster demonstrating less inflammation in my body

  5. Greater connection with myself and my body

I will forever incorporate this practice and I  encourage anyone who is struggling or interested in inner development to give breathwork a try. If you’d like to try a guided breathwork practice at home, Insight Timer is an incredible and FREE app. Click Here for my referral link.

My favourite combo is to do breathwork post body movement to reap double the benefits!

Pretty smart eh 🙂 

The 3 Month Transformation Program I created includes a guided breathwork with every single workout and the my clients have been LOVING that component. 

I applaud you for trying this practice. Let me know how it goes.

Love Your Trainer, Jenny

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