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What is Manifestation and How to Do it

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Standing in my Mexico jungle lot I manifested

Knock it or believe in it, manifesting is a real practice that when done correctly, works. 

I am living evidence of it…

I like to simplify things and get right to the point, so here’s my understanding and experience with what the practice of manifesting is all about and how you can start now to implement it into your life to reach your desires and goals. 

First things first, you have to understand that the universe wants to help you, but you have to meet it half way and surrender to the process it has in store for you. We have a natural inner compass and if we listen to this we will live a very satisfying and fulfilling life. This inner compass is called your intuition. Don’t F*ck with it. seriously, it’s here to help you.

Ok here is the process in fun fact form (you’re welcome)

  1. Unblock yourself

  2. Get clear on what you want

  3. Expand yourself

  4. Jump off bridges & pass tests

  5. Applaud yourself

It’s as simple as that…curious? Read on…

Unblock yourself

Ok, this is the not so fun part of manifesting, but it is ESSENTIAL to the process. We need to unblock limiting beliefs that have been drilled into your brain (conscious and unconscious). From the ages of 0-14 we watch, listen and learn all the things that make us how we view things in the world. We see our parents, our friends, our relatives and even strangers doing and saying things that create a belief system within us. This process can be amazing and have helped create who you are, but these beliefs can also be limiting in what you think is possible for your life. See where I’m going here? 

So this unblocking process is all about digging deep and removing any limiting beliefs that will stand in your way of what you want to call in. Common limiting beliefs are typically around self-worth, money and love. 

How do we remove these annoying limiting beliefs? I’ll touch more on this in another blog post, stay tuned. But it is a process and it takes courage and vulnerability

What do you want?

This is a fun part! Get out your journal and write down all the things you want! No barriers, no limits, just write and get crazy!!! Want a house on the beach? Want 10 kids? Want a job that gives you a month of vacation/year? Want a partner with the same passions as you?

Write it down.

Now, heres the silly yet effective secret, next to the desired ‘thing’ write down how it will make you feel. For example:

“I want an apartment that is under my budget of $1200/month. This will make me feel secure, calm and empowered.”

Don’t skip this step! Writing this down will do 2 things. One, it will bring the idea outside of your head and more into fruition and two, this allows the universe to know what desired feeling you want so it can help you. Believe it.

Now, be open to anything that the universe throws your way. Sometimes what you expect will give you that desired feeling is actually something completely different. Trust the universe, it knows best.

Expand yourself

Find people, places and things that are currently living proof of what you want. With social media these days this is a very easy task. Clean up your social feeds and social circles to empower and inspire you. Spend more time with people who inspire and encourage you to do what you truly feel is in alignment with what you want to be living. 

For example: Want to get a home in a certain neighbourhood? Start hanging out there, start chatting to the people in the coffee shops, start shopping at the grocery stores and so on. 

Jump off bridges & pass tests

This is where your inner coach comes in, or if you prefer hire a coach. This phase can be very scary but incredibly rewarding! Say yes to opportunities that align with what you’re calling in. Don’t over think them, if your body feels good and your intuition is excited…SAY YES and give it a try. 

However there is another aspect to this phase which is passing universal tests. The universe wants to make sure you have stepped into your worth and you’re unblocked enough so it will give you opportunities that ‘old you’ would have settled for. I like to call this the shinny carrot phase. Don’t bite it. If you know you want more and you deserve more, then don’t settle! You need to step into your new worth by saying NO to anything that makes you feel like your settling (even just a little).

If you say no to something that your body (and intuition) says no to, your manifestation is JUST around the corner, I promise you.

Applaud yourself

Take time to integrate and congratulate yourself once a manifestation has come true. Don’t get addicted to this process, this is a sin of greed and the part of stepping into an elevated stage of worth is being humble and appreciative of what you’ve accomplished.

Respect the process and thank the universe for it’s devine help. 

That sums up the process, and you want to know how I know so much about this woo-woo devine process. I have been manifesting for years and my manifestation muscles are getting stronger and stronger. I’d like to share a little story with you that was featured in my manifestation platform that I use called

Thats all for now! Hope this enlighten and inspired you to start manifesting! 

Tip: Start small to build trust in yourself and your ability to manifest. Remember that anything you want is possible, you just have to put in the work and meet the universe 1/2 way!

Want more guidance? Book an online one on one with me!

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