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Warm-up & Stretch: Hiking, Running, Walking, Cycling

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Thank you for helping your body get activated in the RIGHT spots prior to running, hiking, walking, cycling…anything that is lateral movement. WHY are we doing this? I have been guilty of it too, going for a hike or a run and just jumping right into it. This is not smart. It really isn’t. The unfortunate fact is that we don’t really figure this out until it’s too late and we’ve wound up with limited mobility, stiffness, aches, pains or the ultimate – injured. Take a look at the attached videos and I urge you to respect your body enough to warm it up and stretch it out before ANY body movement including walking. It’s NEVER a waste of time to start moving your body to it’s fullest range of motion, because remember if we don’t use it, we will loose it. Remember how the correct balanced bodies sequence flows  

Mobility, Primers, Workout, Stretch.

In this case your walk/hike/run/cycle is your workout.

When you take care of your body, your body takes care of you.

Follow along or watch and take it with you for the REST.OF.YOUR.LIFE. 🙂

Complete 1 set prior to your cardio and follow up with the next video for a quick stretch post lateral cardio. 

Get on track with a proper routine that will keep your body balanced, strong and injury free

Don’t have the motivation or the time to figure it all about and get back on the fitness wagon alone? That’s my specialty! Let me take that off your to-do list and schedule weekly sessions with me so we can create a stronger and pain free body! I integrate yoga, pilate, strength training and simple breathwork techniques to create a well balanced body & nervous system!

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