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Online vs In Person Training Pros & Cons

Caroline & Jenny debate the pro’s & con’s of Personal Training online vs in person.

The global pandemic created a trend of online training and everyone had no real choice but to meet their favourite fitness coach online to stay on track. Now as the world is reopening the choice of in-person or online training is entirely up to the client. Which do you prefer?

Join Caroline and Jenny as they debate the pro’s and con’s of both training environments.

Caroline, owner of Body By Design, is predominantly an in personal trainer in North Vancouver and Jenny, owner of Balanced Bodies is predominantly an online personal trainer.

Some key take aways:

  • Online allows more privacy and adaptation to what the client needs day of.

  • In person encourages and motivates some clients that need a challenge by observing and competing with others in the gym

  • Online is quieter and in person is louder, which do you prefer?

  • Online allows you to stay on track no matter where in the world you go, your trainer is there. No interruption to our progress!

  • In person allows you to have the hands-on attention including the end of workout stretch

  • Online and in-person allows day to day communication… use it – here is a YouTube chat Caroline and Jenny did on “How to get the most out of your Personal Training”

  • Online is so efficient, no transit, no gym showers, no gym bag…

  • Online is NO excuses, just show up and we will work with what you got!

  • In person, if you like your gym’s environment can get you in the mood just entering the gym!

  • Online allows us to flow from yoga to breathwork to HIIT to pilates…change the variety to customize the session to what the clients needs.

To conclude any style of training that will get you to MOVE your body and SHIFT your energy is the right training method for you…in my humble opinion a combination of online personal training and in person classes would be the BEST!

Below is the audio Podcast Version & Our YouTube interview.

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