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Nourishing The Body with Nutritionist Chris Culhane

Chris & Jenny chat nutrition and finding balance in your life.

With so much information out there on how to live a healthy and well-balanced life, we can tend to overthink our nutrition. I wanted to talk with an educated dietician, so I called up Chris.

Chris Culhane is a student dietician from UBC and he brings light on the true balance of having a healthy lifestyle, including what we eat, BUT also including the whole picture of what we think, do and stick to in our daily lives.

Some points that I found interesting were:

  • To aid in muscle synthesis having a scoop of protein powder before bed is crucial. Anyone who is recovering from an injury and needs to rebuild strength in some weakened muscles this is a GREAT tool!

  • What is ‘nutrition security’??

  • Pre & Pro biotics truths

  • Mindfulness is a BIG deal and DOES make a difference in your body.

Enjoy this informative interview and let me know your questions below in the ‘reply’s’ for our next interview!

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