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Mayan Purification Ceremony

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I understand that humans are energy. We also share energy. It is up to us to protect our energy from others and I am slowly building a tool box filled with Holisitic practices to strengthen and protect my own energy. 

Because of my career I come into contact with a lot of humans and all of them carry different types vibrations (energy). There are times when I have not been working on myself and I have taken on everyone’s energy and at the end of the day I feel exhausted. I found myself asking other people in human to human service careers how they protect their energy and not burn out. 

Throughout my travels and experiences of living in other cultures, I always look for opportunities to grow and learn.  I will often talk to other Shamans, Gurus, leaders and healers to understand how they clear, protect and strengthen their energy and help their students do the same. 

Meet Heydy May, a shaman born in a small town in Yucatan, Mexico. She has been working within the healing world for over 25 years and truly understands the energetics of the human. 

With her permission I recorded one of our Mayan Purification Ceremonies and something crazy occurred. Within the video Heydy was talking English and Tongue to me, my spirits and the stagnate energy that we were calling out of me. However in the video it sounded like scratching noises…regardless the energy did not want to be recorded and I will honour that… But also shows how real this is. 

Watch the whole interview, ceremony and my post ceremony integration thoughts to understand what this process is all about. 

Heydy May offers online sessions. Reach out to her via instagram @theheydymay or Facebook Hedy May.

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