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Enhancing your Digital Nomad Career with Jenny & Friends

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

When I lived in Sayulita for 8 months I participated in some cool stuff. This was an event on March 2021 for the women in our town to share and connect. I shared on a panel for women that have successfully lived abroad as digital nomads and want to share some insight. It was such an awesome experience for me because I love presenting. I love talking in front of people, I feel really good at it and it lights be up. I recognize that I don’t necessarily enjoy speaking my opinion, rather I like teaching something or showing people how to do something. I love seeing lightbulbs go off or people laughing. So enjoyable and fulfilling for me. 

I thought this panel was super well rounded. The girl to my right she’s a little younger than me and has a classic nomadic job of digital marketing. She runs adds on instagram mainly and makes it look easy! I’m somewhat in the middle of running a medium-high risk online business but looking for opportunity to continue to build. And the female to my left is way past both of us and is now in the transition of scaling back, taking more time off and charging more to what she feels her worth is. I feel we are all quite dominant and well spoken. We are clearly strong and empowered by what we do and we all encourage you to take the leap.

Now let’s talk. You want to make the move to somewhere better than where you are now? Crave a different climate? A different energy? Take the step off the cliff and join over 100000’s of digital nomads and live abroad. It’s way easier then you think and I am happy to show you how. But first watch this and gain the insight and advice we have to give. 

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