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Becoming healthier is easier than you think.

Losing weight, feeling happier and better in our own bodies, and living a lighter, less stressed life seems to be a common goal for my students and clients. So I'd like to touch on it because although many of you know me as a Personal Trainer, in the past 5 years, I have dove so freaking deep into the whys of the human body, mind, and spirit, and I would love to share a little insight with you.

How about working less hard to obtain the outcomes that we want? It sounds too good to be true, but guess what? It's not. Join me for a moment...

I've witnessed many people, including myself, stand in their own way of living a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. Like many, I went about life by doing a lot, all at once, controlling every single aspect, and it did, at times, work for me. Controlling did allow me some success, yet I still felt unfulfilled, unhealthy, and quite depleted. Have you also felt this? Working your butt off for something you think you want, and then once you get it, it doesn't feel like how you thought it would feel. 

Since beginning my inner journey of slowing down, getting to know myself, and reframing my knowledge of the human body, I have simultaneously learned how to work with humans more efficiently and effectively. My Western education in Vancouver, Canada, taught me some valuable facts, including the simple rule of losing weight with this equation: Calories burned > Calories consumed = weight loss. With a few exceptions around hormones, genetics, and others. It also helped me understand anatomy, how to build muscle and so many other beneficial facts that I'm very proud of. Do these facts work? Yes, BUT humans are not as simple as facts and an equation. The real education is...EXPERIENCE. Every single client that I have worked with pushed me to become a better trainer and pushed me to dig deeper into my education of the human body and why some things work for some people, and others do not. But it wasn't until my time here in Mexico that really allowed me to understand deeper into the human body, mind and spirit. 

One thing that stands in OUR way (your way) is how you talk to yourself. How you hold onto stress and how you release that stress. Let me phrase it like this. Your body is energy, your food is energy, and when you move, you're creating energy. Everything is energy. If I can leave you with ONE piece of advice, ok, TWO pieces of advice... it's this.

1) Speak kind to yourself and your body.If you have an injury, listen to it, speak nice to it and respect it by doing the needed physio exercises for a really long time. Injuries are traumas in the body. If you ignore them and hope they'll go away, you will be feeling that pain in more ways than one for the rest of your life. When you're speaking to yourself, be your BIGGEST FAN. Cheer yourself on! Congratulate yourself when you do things, even simple things like washing the dishes. Just because we are adults does not mean we still don't need positive reinforcement. Be nice to yourself and tell that inner bully to fuck off :)

2) Go inwards for the answer.I speak more about this in the below

YouTube interview. When we quiet the noise of the outside and the chaos, we can become more clear and aligned with our intuition, which is THE SMARTEST part of our body; it's not our mind; our mind has some conditioning, and our body is beyond the wisest part of ourselves. Our body holds the brain of our gut/intuition. This can be as simple as listening to that little voice that says, drink some water, turn off the TV, don't be friends with that person, etc. When we start to listen, we gain inner trust, and that is the ultimate relationship that we need in life. With ourself. 

So, as I move through my career as a Personal Trainer, I have newfound knowledge that takes training human bodies to a whole new level. Mindfulness, breathwork, and body movement. It is the best recipe for the outcome that everyone is looking for. 

Thank you for your time. Have a beautiful day. 

Love Jenny

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