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Alleviate Shoulder & Neck Pain

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

I’m sure you have experienced a form of shoulder or neck discomfort/pain. You’re not alone and I have some tricks & tips to help you alleviate it. 

This is a perfect example of an unbalanced body due to our ADL (activities of daily living).

This is why I specialize in balancing human bodies, to make it accessible to alleviate these stubborn challenges that SOOO many of us face. 

Once again, lets take a look at your ADL or perhaps an old ADL. Did you drive a standard car? Did you play baseball? Were you ever a waiter or waitress? These activities put your one arm into repetitive movements causing wear & tear, overuse & typically with poor form. 

The pain and discomfort you’re feeling is from your overused muscles (typically your chest/front shoulder & biceps) pulling the underused muscles (typically your lats, your rortator cuff muscles – supraspinatus, tres minor, subscapularis and the back of your shoulders – posterior deltoids).

So in the this follow along video we activate and when you stay consistent, overtime, you will strengthen these muscles while stretching the overused ones so everything balances out. 

My mythology: Strengthen the back, stretch the front!

Make sure to watch and follow along all the way to the end for a really cool RMT/Reflexology trick that works like a CHARM!

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