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5 unique ways to stay healthy during winter

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

5 Unique Tips to Stay Healthy & Calm This Holiday Season

On December 21st the powerful season change of Winter begun, although it may have felt like winter before, we have the beauty of gaining more daylight as we move into the rest of the year. 

Unfortunately the winter can be a time when our immune systems weaken allowing the cold weather and busyness of the holiday season to take over our bodies and allow nasty colds and flu’s to take over. 

I’d like to bring forward 5 unique hacks I have picked up along the way from witnessing and listening to what some of the healthiest people in my life do to stay calm & avoid getting sick to throughly enjoy the holiday season. 

Ginger Tea & Raw Garlic Cloves.

Perhaps not the most ‘unique’ but these two tips WORK. 

Ginger tea with honey and lime. An excellent source of Vitamin C, high in antioxidants, boosts immune system, can aid in weight loss, reduced blood pressure and so much more. Drinking anything warm is going to help keep your body warm helping it stay strong against colds…see what I did there… hot….cold 😉

Eating raw garlic cloves I just discovered from my dear friend Kevin. Its not nearly as nasty or strong as I thought it was going to be and it truly helped zap a cold that was coming on strong 2 weeks ago from the cold front that came in!

Get 8 hours of sleep and power nap!

Once again, something that I’m sure most of us know this is needed…but I also know that 80% of us don’t follow it. This is one of the most vital tools we can use to keep us HEALTHY for the rest of our life. 

If you’re unable to get 8 hours of sleep, be better to that one and only body you have and truly try. Remove anything digital from you bedroom and buy a simple clock for your alarm. It will take some training, just like it did when you were a young baby, but once you’re able to start this routine, your body, mind and relationships will benefit. 

My routine? I like to drink tea, read and then a short breathwork meditation to help my nervous system switch into the parasympathetic and place my body in rest & digest. 

Breathwork for bed: Inhale for 4, hold for 6 and exhale for 8. Repeat until you’re asleep

Reconnect to Yourself


The top 3 ways to reconnect with yourself are Journalling, Meditating and Intuative Body Movement. 

If all of these are foreign to you, start with journalling. The real kind – pen to paper. If you’re reading this I assume you were raised in a time when we still used pen to paper. This practice will bring you back home. Simply start with what you did or what you’re going to do and before you know it you will be having a deep conversation with yourself. 

Why does this boost my immune system? It lowers stress, it gives space for ‘venting’ and believe it or not it boosts self confidence which all works at  exchanging the energy within your body avoiding  anything to stay ‘stuck’ within you including germs and unhealthy energy. 

Jenny's Oli of Oregano Recipe

I have always been a believer in oil of oregano, then I met a beautiful Mexican woman named Blanca and she made me something even more incredible and it zapped a few of my colds away overnight! 


1/8 cup Oil of Oregano + 1/8 Cup good quality olive oil + 1/8 cup fresh lime or lemon juice + 1 tsp salt + 1 tsp pepper. 

This is quite a high volume of liquid, strong liquid, so take your time sipping it or if you need to dilute it with some hot water and create a tea do that. 

Get back on track with 10 Online Sessions with Jenny


10 online sessions with Jenny via Zoom

  1. Sessions are 60-75 minutes

  2. Proper mobility warm-up

  3. Full body workout with special attention to core, glutes and posture realignment

  4. Full body stretch

  5. Breathwork

  6. Weekly homework  that will educate and create better habits for lifelong health

  7. It is recommended that you have a yoga mat, heavy & light weights and a looped ‘booty band’


Meet me on Zoom and let the healthier version of you come out! Your body is unique and your body movement needs to be just as unique. Jenny will ensure your body gains strength,  flexibility and inches loss while alleviating any aches, pains or imbalances that my be occurring in your body. All while lowering your negative stress and make life flow better.

Workouts are a combination of Yoga, Strength Training, Pilates, cardio intervals and breathwork to strengthen your respiratory system.

We will use a holistic approach to your whole body composition and  include Breathwork into your sessions to help calm the nervous system allowing your body to shift into rest & digest allowing body detox, weight loss & stress release.

Jenny will motivate, teach and inspire you to live a healthier life with daily movement and proper nourishment. A personalized approach to your health & fitness. Take the guess work out of it and let’s get started!

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