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5 tips how to not overindulge this holiday season

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

This weekend may cause tummy aches and hangovers.

Please proceed with caution. 

When we are faced with opportunities to over-eat and over-drink, remember we have the power to control what goes in our mouths.

Listen, I understand and I get it, it’s fun and it’s tradition. BUT it is possible to go to a festive dinner and/or event and manage to not over eat and over drink while still having a good time! This will save your body from agony and internal problems that will last longer than the weekend. 

Remember when you take care of your body, your body will take care of you (for the long run)

5 tricks to help you have the healthiest Thanksgiving weekend possible.

  1. Drink a TON of water. This is going to help with digestion, hydration and ensuring your body is prepared for the rich and high fat foods its about to ingest.  Most of the temptations are going to be at night. So during the day drink at least 3L of water. Before you have dinner make sure you’ve chugged another glass of water.

  2. Eat protein day of. Don’t ‘save yourself’ for your turkey dinner. Allow your body the gift of feeling satisfied prior to going to dinner with a protein packed breakfast, brunch and/or lunch.

  3. Get movement in before the festivities begin. Even if it’s a simple 15 minute movement or a 20 minute walk. Do something kind to your body before you sit down and enjoy family, friends and food. Remember, moving your body increases your dopamine, endorphins and gives you energy! All good things. BONUS POINTS: Go for a post dinner walk! Get the family involved and feel better and help with digesting your heavy meal. Bring a healthy dish.

  4. Bring along a healthy dish. This will give you a go-to option that you know exactly how it was prepared and what’s in it. Others may also thank you for this! Being healthy is cool 😉

  5. Eat slow & chew. Be mindful at the table and chew every bite 20 times. This will cut the amount you eat in half, if you’re a fast eater that is. If you’re already a slow eater – good on you – keep it up, your body is lucky.

Hope these tricks help in the long run. The most important thing to remember is every day is a new day and just because you overindulged last night does not mean today is a write off or you’re ‘off the wagon’. You can always CHOOSE to be kinder to your body by nourishing and moving it. 

Happy Thanksgiving from me to you Love your trainer Jenny

Need some help with your nutrtion or gaining control over your habits? Try an online Session with Jenny

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