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5 Body Balancing TRX Exercises

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

When we train it is vital to train areas of our body that are asking for help, our weaker and most neglected muscle groups.

The mythology is called Balanced Bodies Training. Strengthen the weak, stretch the strong.

In this workout we strengthened the side body, lats, shoulder stabilizing muscles, core, over head mobility, the entire lower posterior plane and inner thighs. We stayed away from the muscles that are naturally strengthened throughout your daily lives (quads, biceps, chest, frontal plane…) this will eventually even out your body and most likely alleviate the common aches and pains (lower back, neck, shoulders, hips & knees) but the key is to stay consistent.

Make sure to pair this with a deep yoga stretch for your hips and lower back here

Try a session online with Jenny

  • Sessions are 60-75 minutes

  • Proper mobility warm-up

  • Full body workout with special attention to core, glutes and posture realignment

  • Full body stretch

  • Breathwork

  • Weekly homework  that will educate and create better habits for lifelong health

  • It is recommended that you have a yoga mat, heavy & light weights and a looped ‘booty band’


Meet me on Zoom and let the fun begin! Your body is unique and your workouts need to be as unique. Jenny will ensure your body gains strength,  flexibility and inches loss while alleviating any aches, pains or imbalances that my be occurring in your body.

Workouts are a combination of Yoga, Strength Training, Pilates and cardio intervals. We will use a holistic approach to your whole body composition and  include Breathwork into your sessions to help calm the nervous system allowing your body to shift into rest & digest allowing body detox, weight loss & stress release.

Jenny will motivate, teach and inspire you to live a healthier life with daily movement and proper nourishment. A personalized approach to your health & fitness. Take the guess work out of it and let’s get started!

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