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10 Minute Plank Man, Interview with Ian Koenigsfest

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

This is my client. He is one of the hardest working clients I have had and we have been working online for years…He wanted a challenge and we gave him a challenge. What a pleasure it was to see this man on one of the toughest challenges. Staying still in a plank for 10 whole minutes!!!!

This my friends was game time. Ian was about to get 3 months of plank training. Did it involve a lot of planks and timing of planks? Yes. It did. But we also cross-trained him like crazy!!

We strengthened his whole upper body especially his lats and chest. We increased his core work and worked with isolation moves to focus on his breathing. I tried to stay away from any big gains in his lower body, thus avoiding extra weight to hold up. 

Honestly, I think Ian’s crazy! haha…kidding, but only a little. I personally will never try to do a plank for 10 minutes…

But I would sit in an ice bath for 5 or meditate for over an hour…we all have our desired challenges.

Ian definitely has a fierce internal coach and he knows how to conquer things like no bodies business. I think we can all learn something from Ian. He has some really good advice that I no doubt know he applies to his life. He’s one of those guys that you’d say.. 

“you know, you should write a book…”

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