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Past Retreats


Awaken & Expand Retreat

Uvita, Costa Rica
Nov 2022

Along the sandy pacific coast of Costa Rica sits an adorable little town called Uvita. Uvita is known for its famous ‘whales tail’ sandbar that comes out during low tide. We wanted the best views for our Awaken & Expand Retreat so we headed up into the hillside to Vista Celestial, which translates to ‘Heavenly View’, and that it was. Wow.


The mornings were fresh & clear allowing us to view the whales tail at its fullest potential. Ealy morning practices encouraged us to enjoy sunrise views while sipping our morning coffees in our private villas  surrounded by lush jungle, howling monkeys and singing tropical toucans. 

We were spoiled and in awe of the views, service and accommodation Vista Celestial held for us.

Jenny collaborated with the incredible and authentic yoga instructor Aaliya Noorani to gift the students a well rounded weeks worth of practice that took them deep inside to awaken & expand. Jenny & Aaliya created a journey flowing the 5 Koshas. This retreat was all about restoring & energy clearing yoga, regular breath work, understanding the science behind manifestation, Tico culture, Indian chanting, inspiring stories and ceremonies.


All while being papered in a 5-star accommodation with Michelin trained chefs, relaxing spa services and a staff that went above and beyond to make us feel at home. 

This retreat was intimate, transformative and filled with so much laughter. It will be a retreat that we will cherish forever. Thank you to all the students that said yes and to the team at Vista Celestial for creating such a safe and calm space for us to Awaken & Expand in. 

Balance & Bliss Retreat

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
May 2022

Hosted in an eco-luxury retreat centre in Quinmixto, just off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. We collaborated with Yoga instructor Marybeth Donahoe to create a yin and yang experience taking students through a 7 night transformative experience. 


We carefully created a daily schedule of yoga, breathwork and meditation to bring the students back to their inner dialogue of discovering what is holding them back and how to move past these limiting beliefs. 

We challenged the students throughout the retreat with some experiential therapies testing their new found inner balance and bliss through ice baths and the traditional Mexican Temezcal sauna. 

Of course the students had some fun and adventure with water play, hiking, socializing and tons of laughter. The best part of our retreats is the people that come. You will arrive as strangers and leave as a family.

Body, Breath & Ice Day Retreat

Mayan Riveria, Mexico
March 2022

A  beautiful day retreat in the jungle of Quintana Roo, Mexcio, we collaborated with breathwork & ice bath facilitator  Kevin Connelly

We opened the day with a copal cleansing allowing the power of copal to release negative energy of each student upon entering our sacred space. Jenny guided each student through a visualization of releasing the stagnant and undesired energy as students took their places on their mats. Our first chapter was movement. Jenny guided the students through a full body yoga flow in preparation for stillness. Once the students body circulation and internal energy was high Kevin then took students through a series of breathwork exercises in preparation for the final challenge of ice baths. 

This experience was a gift that will keep on giving as the students integrate their new inner knowledge and wisdom back into everyday life. 

Finding the Magic Within Retreat

Lake Bacalar, Mexico
October 2021